We offer special packages for you Greenbackend provides you with a frequency of free hosting service. We take the speech with a believable look


$74.99 /Per Month Regularly $99.99 HOST MY SITE
  • 10 × WordPress Business install
  • UNLIMITED SSD Webspace
  • UNLIMITED Monthly Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Timeline Backups
  • UNLIMITED 10GB Mailboxes
  • UNLIMITED Free SSL Certificate
  • StackCache Optimisation Plugin


$16.99 /Per Month Regularly $21.99 HOST MY SITE
  • 5 × WordPress Business install
  • 50GB SSD Webspace
  • 500GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 × Timeline Backup
  • 500 × 10GB Mailboxes
  • 5 × Free SSL Certificate
  • StackCache Optimisation Plugin


$6.79 /Per Month Regularly $8.99 HOST MY SITE
  • 1 × WordPress Business install
  • 10GB SSD Webspace
  • 50GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 × Timeline Backup
  • 100 × 10GB Mailboxes
  • 1 × Free SSL Certificate
  • StackCache Optimisation Plugin

What makes our hosting of Wordpress the best?

Automatic Updates

We update the Wordpress platform with plug-ins to keep your site protected

Account Isolation

Your website will be safe even if there are weak accounts..

Improved programs

All programs that we install on your device are optimized for speed.

Daily backup

We reserve up to 30 daily backups of your WordPress site.

Unlimited email addresses

Create as many e-mail addresses as you need

CloudFlare integrated

Filtering cache content from any malicious traffic causes your site to slow down

Level Server Protection

If a major vulnerability occurs, we develop a server-level application..

Free technical support 24×7/365

You can reach our team anytime, day or night.

30 day money back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied, you can simply restore your money within 30 days.

How to Build Your Website Online Today?

Create your own website with our Web site builder
  • EASY TO USE - build your professional site simply.
  • HUNDREDS! of customizable designs, media contents.
  • FREE domain, hosting, database, FTP account and business email.
    Starting at Just $4.99 only.
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Easy Create, Manage & Sell. Online Store
  • GET MORE CUSTOMERS with built-in SEO tools.
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  • SAVE MONEY with free hosting and unlimited bandwidth.
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Have Questions?

How do I cancel and delete my account?

You can cancel or close your website and account at any time. To do this, sign in to Arcahost using your email / password. Your locations will be listed in the control panel. Click the “Delete location” link to delete a website. If you’re signed in with your username / password, then sign in, click the “Site settings” link. You’ll find the delete account link at the bottom right of the location settings page

Can I list my website in Google?

Sure, after you create your site, just add your URL to the free sites page of Google. Note: It may take a few days to a few weeks.

Can I manage a business?

Certainly! Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use websites. Whether it’s a simple business site or a full online store, you can do it here. We also offer great services such as the ability to register a custom domain name (yourname .com) to put a truly professional end to your site.

Does Greenbackend provide phone support?

Yeah! Phone support comes standard with our companies in Pro package. We offer support via e-mail
And live chat support options with our other packages, and we have a powerful forum where you can get
On the help of the WBS community as well as the staff at Arkahost

What more we offer

Web hosting packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

All of our web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc., we add our own custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.


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Website Builder packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

With ArkaHost’s website builder, it’s easy to create a sleek and professional website for your business. Choose from 40 fully customizable, mobile-friendly templates, and then drag and drop your content wherever you please.


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Domain packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

ArkaHost is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, we offer web hosting, email, website builder, premium and expired domain names, and SSL certificates.


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eCommerce packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

Customize your store’s look and feel. Choose from 100s of designer made templates, and change anything you want to create your professional eCommerce website. Just drag n’ drop. No tech skills needed.


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GBE Mobile Packages provide quality wordpress hosting with unlimited resources.

Create a mobile website in just a few easy steps. Simply reserve your domain with a dedicated wordpress website with us and you will be able to create your own Android/iOS versions of the website in just few hours.


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Secure-Fast-Reliable Shared Hosting

Super-fast Web Host 247 Support

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GBE Mobile Api App Hosting

Build Your Website/App at once

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Wordpress Hosting Secure & Reliable

48x Speed Wordpress Hosting

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